The Story

No one can make a better product for moms than a mom herself. A product created from sheer necessity. Hence, the evolution of Ty Lucas Diaper Bags.

After spending the first nine years of her career marketing and building consumer goods, in 2009 Nicole Hirsch had her first little baby. As she prepared for his impending arrival, she scouted around for all her new-mom gear. "I just couldn't seem to find a diaper bag that was functional, yet beautiful enough to serve as what would soon be my new everyday bag. The diaper bags that were affordable just weren't stylish enough and the high-end designer bags seemed too expensive for a baby gear carryall". Something was missing in the vast world of mommy products and Nicole was determined to fill that void for fashionable, chic moms everywhere.

Ty Lucas is the first line of truly chic diaper bags that have all the functionality to tote your 'lil one's gear, while still looking like a bag you would carry to the office or throw over your shoulder for a day of shopping with the girls.

Ty Lucas Diaper Bags are all made by hand in the USA. Built to handle all the crazy that comes with your day of bottles, diapering and giggles.

"I look forward to sharing this wonderful collection with you and your little one. May it make your hectic parenting a little easier and a lot more beautiful!"


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